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We believe in the combined power of your capabilities and our perspective.

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We bring our creative thinking and outside perspective to your table, helping you to capitalize on what you already have while identifying gaps in strategies, communications, and project rollouts. We’ve been assisting companies to find better ways of doing business since 2014, from growing startups to household names.

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What we do

We help organizations create the capacity behind the marketing, plan for growth, and maintain continuity in the face of disruption. We also support our clients in managing major transformations such as post-acquisition integrations, complex program management, and disaster recovery.

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Company Insights

October 20, 2020
How Community Colleges can Drive Post COVID Economic Recovery

As the world continues to change at a breakneck speed, those who thrive in the 21st century are those who are able quickly adapt to changing and unpredictable circumstances. In this insight, Education Services Manager, Jake Hannigan discusses how community colleges are uniquely suited to be a cornerstone to economic recovery and future workforce development.

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October 13, 2020
‘New Normal’: Living With Prolonged Uncertainty

It has been many months since COVID-19 spread across the world and taken hold of our lives. How much longer the pandemic will linger continues to be an open question. While it is clear that the world will be forever changed, it is unclear how that change will manifest itself. So what is the world to do when the ‘new normal’ is prolonged uncertainty? In this insight, we explore ways for individuals and organizations to continue living and growing in a time of uncertainty.

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September 29, 2020
The Agile Transition

In this Insight, Agile veteran Tim Streightiff offers lessons, experience, and advice for transitioning teams from traditional Waterfall software development approaches to Agile. Tim discusses how to not only establish the right metrics in the context of this transition, but also inspire and empower a team to thrive in an Agile environment.

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August 25, 2020
Lessons from COVID-19: Using Agile Methods for Higher Education

We know that Spring 2020 led to frustration with the shift to online courses. What would be the student experience if Agile practices had been implemented and were in place when the pandemic hit? Agile methodology has spread from software development to all types of organizations. This blog post further explores the application of Agile methodology in managing change for higher education.

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