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We believe in the combined power of your capabilities and our perspective.

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We bring our creative thinking and outside perspective to your table, helping you to capitalize on what you already have while identifying gaps in strategies, communications, and project rollouts. We’ve been assisting companies to find better ways of doing business since 2014, from growing startups to household names.

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What we do

We help organizations create the capacity behind the marketing, plan for growth, and maintain continuity in the face of disruption. We also support our clients in managing major transformations such as post-acquisition integrations, complex program management, and disaster recovery.

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Company Insights

February 1, 2022
Business Transformation for Better Customer Engagement in the Pharma World: An Interview with Dominique Côté

The pharmaceutical industry has been changing rapidly over the past 20 years, and that change has been accelerated due to COVID-19. With the rise of information technology, pharmaceutical treatments are being developed faster, cheaper, and more personalized. In this Insight, we interviewed Dominique Côté, founder of pharmaceutical consultancy Cosawi, to discuss the current transformation efforts underway and where the industry is headed.

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November 2, 2021
Digital Modernization in Government: Coordination, Communication, and Training

In this three part Insight, we discuss the opportunities and challenges large organizations face when undertaking large digital transformations. In part one, we examine the Department of Veterans Affairs Electronic Health Record modernization effort. Upon a 12 week review of the program by Secretary McDonough, we unpack the issues related to coordination, communication, and training, as well as possible solutions to the challenges for future engagements.

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August 17, 2021
A Touchy Subject One Year Later: Reflections on Covid and the Hotel Industry from Scott Hansen

Over a year ago one of our clients and a leader in the hospitality industry, Scott Hansen, guest wrote our first blog article offering his insights and predictions on how the Covid crisis would impact the hotel industry. Since then, we’ve learned much more about how the pandemic impacts various industries. We asked Scott to sit down with us and offer his insights again with a year of experience to draw upon.

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August 3, 2021
Missing the Watercooler Moments: Guidance on Effective Mentoring Remote Workers

Remote working is here to stay for millions of people, especially for Millennials and Gen Z. Being physically distant from their office allows for greater flexibility, but also can diminish employee interaction and development. In this Insight, Business Development Strategist and Education Services Manager, Jake Hannigan, offers advice on how to effectively mentor remote workers.

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