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The opportunity for positive transformation in higher education is now.

While institutions have faced pressures to incorporate new technologies and practices for years, the recent pandemic has put our colleges in the position of changing more rapidly than ever. We have redesigned our educational services to address this challenge and bring industry best practices to support transformation around the people, technology, and processes in higher education.

About Us

Agile Management Practices

Agile enables rapid change within the context of shared governance.

We bring our history of industry best practices in process improvement to colleges, in a style designed for institutions of higher education. Our focus on bringing Agile management practices to higher education enables rapid transformation in an environment already well-suited for shared governance. Our approach is based on proven methods but adapted specifically for the environment of higher education. It leverages small, continuous improvements over short timeframes in a manner that engages faculty, staff, and administration in decision making and implementation.

Our methodology and the tools we use are of value to our clients in two ways.  First, our clients’ complex projects are completed in a much shorter time.  Second, the client’s employees add new competencies, methods, and tools to their professional portfolios which in turn adds new institutional capabilities for our clients.

Bringing Technology Strategy to Education

The survival of traditional education requires technology to maintain resilience in the uncertainty of a post COVID-19 world.

In the face of unprecedented disruption, most colleges and universities in the US will bring technology from the margins into the core of their missions.  And, the effectiveness of this turn will impact the financial and reputational status of each college and university for some time.  We can help.

The effective use of technology in academic, administrative and student services/support are dependent on designing, planning, implementing and training.  All of these stages require participation, collaboration and buy-in.  Our services are key in creating a productive environment to integrate the technology ecosystem with the needs of support staff, instructors, and students.

Enabling Online Education

Institutions that seize this opportunity to evolve will be the leaders in the coming years, starting now.

Designing and implementing a high-quality online learning experience is a significant time and financial commitment. Institutions must leverage online education more than ever and are facing a demand to move instruction online at a faster pace. Our services enable rapid movement of traditional courses online for the immediate need and a strategy to maintain high quality online education longer term.

Our experts in curriculum design and instructional design help institutions transition through all stages from face-to-face through self-paced.  In addition, working with our team adds enduring professional development for clients’ staff and instructors along with building in institutional resilience.

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