Higher Education Services
Placing Face-to-Face Courses Online

Putting a course into an LMS to teach online is a daunting process for many instructors.  And moving courses online isn’t something that most people inherently know how to do.  There are many considerations about how to structure a course.  With so many virtual options for students, if there are any barriers to accessing course content or interacting with a course, students are liable to disengage from the course, complain about it on social media, and rate the course poorly.  Not to mention, the time you have to spend fielding inquiries from students.  This microcourse is self-guided and will enable you to:

  • Provide 24/7 course access to your students
  • Increase the visibility of the learning pathways in your course
  • Take your syllabus from a static document to one that comes to life in the weekly progression of your course
  • Provide a seamless transition of your course if a campus closure is declared
  • Provide you with a first step in the pathway to leverage technology to save time - initially by organizing your course materials in the LMS

You will go through four modules, at your own pace, while you learn how to create learning modules, organize administrative information for your students, and put your course online.  

While the course itself will take you around ~5 hours, you will be given practical guidance to create learning objectives for each of your modules which will add up to ~5 additional hours of work.  This investment of 10 hours will help ensure a successful semester and can be replicated for other courses as well.

No matter what subject you teach or what LMS you use, there are common tips and tricks that can help you be successful.  And all for the cost of a week of café lattes!