Black Lives Matter

June 18, 2020
Black Lives Matter

"Black lives matter" is a call to action.

While we are a small business, we know that every company can make a difference, and every company should try.

To start, we’ve made a donation to the Pimento Relief Fund (via ABEP). It focuses on restoring uninsured Black businesses in Minnesota, particularly community institutions set on fire by white supremacists during the recent protests.

Contributing our part to correcting systemic racism, however, requires more than a one-time donation. To start making a more lasting impact, we have:

  • Connected optional recurring employee payroll contributions to non-profit organizations addressing systemic racism against Black people, with a focus on organizations addressing excessive punishment, police brutality, and hate crimes
  • Committed to continued majority spend on services with Black and brown owned small business; while our services spend has historically been at least 80% with minority, LGBTQ, and women owned small businesses, we have begun the process of evaluating and regularly ensuring that over 50% spend is with Black and brown owned small businesses specifically
  • Made Juneteenth a permanent company holiday beginning tomorrow, Friday, June 19th

We also recognize our work can address systemic racism in larger organizations. We’re in the business of organizational change. Most of our clients invest in diversity and inclusion, and we commit to – and have begun the process of – recognizing opportunities to leverage their research, conversations, and decisions as integral components to the transformations we help them create.

We’re a small company. Any company can make a difference. We invite our clients, partners, and peers to take action.

Black lives matter.

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