Sales Impact and Evolution

August 18, 2020
Sales Impact and Evolution

Even in times of crisis, we can take actions to improve our sales & revenues. 

Adapt & Evolve Your Sales Strategy for What's Next

We never know what business challenges we will be facing. In these times, we have even more challenges thrown at us and new, never before encountered obstacles to contend with.

Under the best of times, creating, growing, and evolving a profitable Sales Strategy is difficult. Right now, we need all the help we can get.

It’s time to adapt your Sales Strategy and evolve.

Start With the Basics: CREATE Healthy Sales Culture

A healthy sales culture is the framework on which successful organizations build thriving revenue.  

Sales culture is key for us to have a thriving and productive revenue-generating business engine. Regardless if it is a team of 1 or 1,000, every business needs to know and embrace a healthy sales culture.

Know that both healthy sales culture and dysfunctional sales culture exist. It is a matter of knowing the difference. Sales teams need to have a unique, healthy culture that is complimentary to the company culture.

However, if a sales team culture is toxic, or different from the overall company, it undermines everyone’s success.

Successful businesses create and sustain a healthy sales culture by nurturing and growing their sales culture.

It is possible to identify and measure your state of the sales culture.

By utilizing best practices and creating a clear roadmap, we can avoid break downs in the culture.

Two key downfalls of a healthy sales culture are – 1) lack of shape (best practices) and 2) intentionality (roadmap).

Create the Change that will Make the Sales Culture Better

Best practices are more than just parts of a generic roadmap. Instead, they can be incredibly useful tools for how leadership can evaluate what is working and what it is not, and how to approach both outcomes.

Positive Changes Create Successful Results

Leadership needs to take an active role in determining the current status of the sales culture and ways to improve it.  

It is VITAL to make sure everyone understands how they can actively contribute to improve the culture and know-how they can share ideas to make it better.

Sales culture does not just apply to the traditional roles responsible for business transactions.  

If everyone does not think of themselves as part of your business sales process, you are at a loss.

A roadmap is the easiest and most vital tool you can use to plan the change to make the sales culture better.

The Challenge is: How Can We Change When We Only Know What We Know?

You cannot be the change if you do not realize change is necessary.

Reach out and get advice, opinions, and experience from those who have the knowledge to share.

Using that advice, it is straightforward to create a roadmap that will guide you through the change and beyond. That roadmap is one of those tools that you will use now and beyond, to ensure you manage the change and stay on the right track for you.  

You will start to collect and identify the best practices that will help your people and business thrive.

Change requires many things. Make sure you start with the right people & guidance, so you set yourself up for success and make the maximum use of your limited resources.

Sustaining a Healthy Sales Culture

Creating a sales culture takes attention and purpose; sustaining it requires a consistent roadmap.  

It requires effort and a level of transparency that makes it easy to follow for everyone in the business, not just traditional roles.

First, recognizing success is a surefire way to sustain and grow a healthy sales culture.   

Having clear purposes and targets are key for both individuals and teams.

However, the cross-collaboration of teams among the entire business is essential to a thriving sales culture. It is the ability to recognize the value of both the individuals and the cross-collaboration that allows for sales culture to sustain and evolve.

Taking the Next Steps to Create a Healthy Sales Culture

Modifying any business aspect is not easy. Upgrading or creating a sales culture is absolutely not easy.  

It is natural for people to resist changes. They are skeptical at first and what to know the end game. Participating in and contributing to the change process shows them that change works, and it is possible.

The key to success in creating, implementing, and sustaining a healthy sales culture is simply: communication. 

Like anything worth doing, change, and evolving your sales culture will take effort and resources.

Know that it is well worth the effort given the immediate and long-lasting benefits to any company’s bottom line.  

What works for one business may not work for the others, but the framework remains the same.  

Using strategy thinking, a sales roadmap, and best practices, everyone will see the value, trust the direction, and accept the changes.  

Change is not the enemy; an unhealthy sales culture is.

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Written by
Chuck Coveleski

Chuck Coveleski has over 30 years of experience executing and consulting with businesses around sales and marketing strategy, project execution, operations management, and implementing business technology systems.

Chuck brings the mindset of execute, execute, execute. Nothing is worth it until we can monetize, operationalize, and deliver. It is as simple as that.

Chuck brings a depth of understanding and operationalizing within designed thinking, systems optimization, sales and marketing management and process improvements:

  • Deep institutional knowledge of Business Solutions and Technology. Lead solution development with complex systems in integration and optimization in large organizations in diverse geographies.
  • Lead numerous, complex and integrated teams through a transformation in process improvement and sales effectiveness.
  • Focused on aligning talent with technology to achieve the human element of systems optimizations.
  • Depth of experience within numerous sectors including: retail, SMB's, boutique hotels, and restaurants.
  • Critical player in the growth and development of a start up lifestyle brand to acquisition to a parent brand.
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