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Van Allen Strategies has served the hospitality industry since 2014, optimizing the guest booking and stay experiences while identifying opportunities for maximizing revenue. We understand and have overcome the challenges in creating a seamless and compelling booking experience within the context of legacy IT infrastructure common in the hospitality industry.  Beyond the booking, we understand on-property technologies critical to creating the best stay for the guest that makes them want to return.
Examples of our Work
  • Content Management: Supported converting over 1Mpieces of content to headless/adaptive for consistent use across multiple channels; Managed content migration for the largest hospitality acquisition in history
  • Revenue Management: Created technical architecture for analytics apps that maximize revenue at property and franchise levels
  • On Property Technologies: Managed Digital guest experience for the creation of one of the first streaming Guestroom Entertainment platforms now in rooms worldwide; Integrated enterprise-level projects with multiple local property management systems globally
  • Maximizing Booking Conversion: Facilitated the redesign of A/B and multivariate test design to optimize for rapid testing and feedback with minimal impact to production booking paths; Managed user experience activities for consolidating dozens of hotel brands into a unified experience
Key Competencies
  • Content Auditing, Standards, and Governance
  • Digital Experiences to Maximize Conversion
  • On Property PMS, entertainment, and guest Internet access
  • Headless Content
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems
  • Language Translations Management
  • Omnichannel Content Distribution
Hospitality Related Insights
A Touchy Subject One Year Later: Reflections on Covid and the Hotel Industry from Scott Hansen
August 17, 2021
A Touchy Subject One Year Later: Reflections on Covid and the Hotel Industry from Scott Hansen
Over a year ago one of our clients and a leader in the hospitality industry, Scott Hansen, guest wrote our first blog article offering his insights and predictions on how the Covid crisis would impact the hotel industry. Since then, we’ve learned much more about how the pandemic impacts various industries. We asked Scott to sit down with us and offer his insights again with a year of experience to draw upon.
A Touchy Subject: How the Hospitality Industry Will Adapt Post COVID-19
June 9, 2020
A Touchy Subject: How the Hospitality Industry Will Adapt Post COVID-19
Hi-touch to no-touch. Smart devices that allow guests’ freedom from tactile engagement with many touch surfaces in hotels is one of the answers to keeping guests safer in the future. Verbal commands within a voice activated device take out the middleman when it comes to switches, levers, and remote controls. Technology gives guests different comfort levels by driving down the interaction points and the ‘touch frequency’ opportunity of guests within their hotel room.

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